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Ring Dish Fortune Teller Ceramic

Ring Dish Fortune Teller Ceramic

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Joy! What brings you joy? I was thinking of all those little things you do as a child that bring you joy, and with that thought I designed a series of ring dishes titled "The Paper Series".

This item is a great gift for your closest friends! The Fortune Teller is the fourth in this series. I spent hours with my girlfriends folding them and daydreaming of the wishes we wrote in them. As a young creative what I loved most about this was folding them. I would make them really small and then really big and what simple fun it was! 

This ring dish captures the magic of daydreaming as a kid. My wish for you, as you use this ring dish is to daydream, take that brief moment and let your mind wonder about something beautiful. 

Dimensions: 5" long by 5" wide.

Finish: These are handmade items that I dip in a glaze that I also make. This color is a semi-glossy white glaze with hand carved copper green lines. Because these are handmade the details and size will slightly vary from dish to dish.

Care: Dishwasher Safe and Food Safe



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